Brad Coombs!

I did this painting for the Corus Spring Art Show... and for BRAD!!  Brad is one of the most talented and inspiring people I have
met while I've been working at Corus.  Happy Belated Birthday Brad! :)


Diane said...

Hi Rachel - My name is Diane and I am Brad's Mum. Through Janice Gilchrist I was able to see the drawing of Brad you had done and it was awesome. Like Brad, you have a wonderful talent and I envy your ability but at the same time I really admire it. Keep up the good work.

chalky said...

Hey Diane!! Thanks very much, your son is pretty awesome, so the drawing came easy :)

Chris Hooten said...

Great Drawing !!!!! ....... Love the OL texture..
And I must add....My old friend Brad is awesome too.