About Me

A little about me..

I've always had a passion in capturing moments and people through my art.  It started with crayons, paper, and a series of day-dreams that led me to study animation at Sheridan College.  I'm currently an Animation Design Artist at Corus Entertainment (Nelvana). I've designed on children’s TV shows such as Sidekick, The Adventures of Chuck and Friends, Pinkie Cooper, Little Charmers, and currently on the Hotel Transylvania 2D Series season 1 and 2.  At night I sometimes squeeze in some Freelance work for other animation studios and multimedia companies.  I have Illustrated a children's book called "Chef Ben" that is for sale on Amazon.  I have also enjoyed working on a project with G!animo where I designed and painted children's wall stickers. I do a lot of character designs and backgrounds for commercials, web, and TV.  Mostly, I really enjoy doing my own artwork just for the fun of it!  I live in a cozy townhouse in Toronto Canada with my hubby Ben,  where I draw on my cintiq, play the piano, and figure out where to travel next.

Thanks for stopping by!