Twas the Night Before Christmas

The Holidays have begun for Ben and I!  So thankful to celebrate Christmas and New Years with our family.  Merry Christmas and Happy 2019!!  Santa's Coming!


8 Years Ago Since We Said "I do!"

I drew this picture for my husband Ben... can't believe it's been 8 years already since we've said "I do!"


Merry Christmas and Happy 2018!!

Here's our 2017 Christmas card that I painted :)


Lemonade Stand!

One of my freelance projects this summer was to paint a poster of these two sisters to help advertise their Lemonade and Bake Sale that they are having that will raise money to help one of their friends in need. 



Another poster I designed for the Corus Gallery's Summer Art Show.  Summer is officially here!!


Zoey Zoric

We just had a caricature show today at work, and I got to draw one of my talented friends, Zoey Zoric! :)


T.S. 1989

T.S. 1989 - Shake it off!


Holiday Potluck!

Love being part of a building that likes to have parties!  Here’s a poster Ben and I did together!  Can’t wait for the 7th!


Moonrise Kingdom

Moonrise Kingdom!  I did this painting for the Wes Anderson gallery show at the Gladstone Hotel!



Inspired by my sister and brother-in-law who just came back from climbing to the base camp of Mount Everest, here’s a poster I designed for the upcoming Art show at Corus.


Relly and her Stepsisters

I'm working on a new development project just for fun on what it was like for Cinderella growing up with her two stepsisters and step-mom.  I'm sure it was no easy task!  Happy Halloween!


The Recorders

When I was a kid... my sisters and I were rock-stars!


LOOK AT YOU - Wedding Design

My friend, Alysia and I opened up our Etsy shop today!
LOOK AT YOU is our new wedding invitation design business.
Here are my latest designs!  Check out our shop!



Bring on the sun!


Spring has Sprung

I seriously can NOT wait until spring!  All the window displays are amazing right now!


Chef Ben is here!!

The children's book that I illustrated "Chef Ben" has finally been PUBLISHED and I am currently holding it in my hands..
amazing feeling!! I will be selling 250 signed copies at $15/book so if you would like to own a copy 
of Chef Ben contact me through Facebook or email me at 
 chalkydraws@gmail.com! SO EXCITING!


CTN 2013 Here we come!

Ben and I will be selling prints at a booth in CTN Animation Expo in California this weekend!  These are some of the ones that I will be selling there :)  If you are in the area come see us at Booth T072


Sarah and Jason got MARRIED!

This July 12, 2013 my sister Sarah and my Brother-In-Law Jason got Married out in Vancouver!  Super excited for them and I was thrilled to design, paint, cut, glue, and put together their pop-up wedding invitations!


Life's A Peach

Here's the piece I did for the "All Dahl'd Up" show...it was a great show and opening reception!  Had a blast :)  Yay for James and the Giant Peach!  Love that story!